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3ply inner wrap tape

3ply inner wrap tape

The tape shall meet the requirements of clause 5 after storage for 24 months of delivery date , in a tightly covered container at temperatures between -10 to +35 oC .
Product description
3Ply inner Tape
12.1.1Each roll shall be legibly marked with the following information :
Product designation , the name of manufacturer , purchaser and any applicable precautionary
markings .
The indent number , length , width of the roll and shall also be marked on the packages .
Storage in closed and dry place , must be marked with a red "double roof" symbol .
12.1.2 Each container shall be plainly marked with the following information :
- Name and trademark of the manufacturer
- Product designation
- Quantity (number of rolls in container)
- Roll sizes
- Batch No.
- Date of manufacture
- Manufacturer's name and address
12.2 Primer
Each drum shall be legibly marked with the following information :
- Name and trade mark of the manufacturer
- Product designation 
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