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butyl rubber tape

butyl rubber tape

XUNDABPS ButylrubbersealingtapeDescriptionThebutylrubbersealingisdesignedforthewaterproofingandsealing.Itconsistsofbutylputtytapeandbutylmastic.Thebutylputtytapeisnohardening,100%solidsbutylrubberseal
Product description

XUNDA BPS  Butyl rubber sealing tape

The butyl rubber sealing is designed for the waterproofing and sealing . It consists of butyl putty tape and butyl mastic .
The butyl putty tape is no hardening, 100% solids butyl rubber sealant tape. It has an aggressive surface tack and high tensile strength. It no need of a primer. It is ideal for the joining and sealing together of a variety of other surfaces including polyethylene, polypropylene , PVC, Concrete, metal, glass, wood and cadwelds.
The butyl mastic is is a synthetic resin, butyl rubber based mastic .It is designed for the joining the pre-cast concrete, sealing the window etc.
Waterproof immediately upon installation.
Excellent conformability and consistent uniform thickness.
Conformable for easy applications over irregular surfaces
Flexibility over a wide temperature range and under various conditions.

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