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oil and gas exhibition of Thailand OIL & GAS

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2018/05/04 16:34
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The annual oil and gas exhibition of Thailand OIL & GAS will be held from 2018-09-06 to 2018-09-08. The organizer of this international exhibition is Singapore FIREWORKS Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. The exhibition site is located at Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Center. The 25,000-square-meter pavilion will attract around 20,000 professional visitors and more than 800 exhibitors.
To successfully build a strategic energy land bridge, the Thai government has focused its efforts on two aspects. On the one hand, the southern port area near Sriracha has been developed into a petroleum trading center, providing a new oil transportation channel for oil producing and trading countries through oil pipelines connecting the western and eastern coastal areas. On the other hand, through strengthening the construction of oil reserves and inventory systems, it became the second oil supply center in Thailand as an emerging industrial country in Asia, where natural gas reserves and exports rank first in Southeast Asia, form the top form bottom with Thailand's energy Demand increases year by year.
In 2018, the scope of exhibits of the Thai Oil and Gas Exhibition included drilling platforms, oil and gas pipelines and their installations, natural gas manifolds, insulating materials, indicator lights and indicator devices, incinerators, jacks, water dragon fire hydrants, electrical engineering operations, drilling tools, furnaces, Fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting extinguishing devices, explosion-proof devices, completions, fracturing proppants, and all other petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas products.
On the one hand, the government has relaxed its policy and attached importance to the introduction of foreign capital. On the other hand, the Thai Petroleum Administration has decided to invest US$16 billion in its oil and gas industry in the next five years to develop its own oil and gas. Thailand has established the Sriracha Petroleum and Petrochemical Trade Center. It is a petroleum trade center integrating oil and petrochemical trade, refinery chemical industry, storage and transportation functions. From there, it plans to build a product pipeline to Kunming, China, to improve the oil supply to southwest China. The precondition for the construction of the oil trade center is to greatly increase the oil production in Thailand.