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What is the standard to judge the quality of packing tape?

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2017/11/27 14:21
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  The most basic conditions for the use of packing tape is to toughness, and when we buy the packing tape manufacturers, we should pay attention to what quality standards?
  First of all, you can pack the tape repeatedly, toughness is not easy to break. As for the pattern, the pattern must be beautiful, do not appear partial pressure situation. Packing with gloss, such a packer belt is generally the whole material production, packing powder mixed with gloss, then the gloss will be greatly reduced. Strapping with the general quality of the white is better, because these are not easily doped materials. Some packing tape is a new material outside, the middle folder filling material, as long as cut off to see the cross section can be seen inside the black heart is poor quality.
  Then there is the color of the packing tape, transparent packing tape is the best packing tape, packing tape quality depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene, polypropylene, the higher the purity of the packing tape pull the better