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What is the development trend of packing belt industry?

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2017/11/27 14:31
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  Up to today's social progress and development, science and technology continue to progress, and the current social and economic progress and globalization, whether it is packaged with industry or business sector skills have begun to gradually mature, everyone on the current product More than just cherishing the beauty and fineness of the past, more will be decisive for the merits and demerits of a product in terms of beauty, sophistication and quality, just as the industry in strapping, from the most primitive grass ropes Rub into the use of packaging tape, and to the twenty-first century today continued to promote the packing tape, Taiwan packaging source in the packaging industry with the non-stop promotion to bring China's packaging with the cause of international standards, from hand to the moment Light green packing tape, to deal with the development of the industry nearly 30 years, and for a long time people to understand the packing tape is only on the packaging with tons, as long as the product can be about the packaging, the price of self-made, more The bias to the recycled material packing tape.
  The next day in China's development, the market continues to expand the packing belt has not just been used for product packaging, such as to reflect the noble atmosphere of the product will accept the new material, transparent belt, printing belt and light green Of the packing belt, said the raw material with environmental protection zone is satisfied that the refinement of kerosene inside polypropylene production held, because PP polypropylene is a subsidiary of kerosene products, so the price will certainly be followed by the bumpy kerosene prices and produce influence.
  From an environmental point of view, resources are limited, and this requires that all producers need to be able to recycle them roughly to save resources. The environmentally friendly packing tape is not added to the page not to add any of the original material and impurities of the raw material, after the use can be carried out in the processing of broken hold the second production and use, often we expect to see the packing material Only a small part of the process can be held about the use of processing, so in response to the current environmental packaging has begun to hold a factory of millions of households to a greater degree of user selection and use, according to the long-term development environment, environmental protection package Belt will be a step by step alternative core.
  And many people are thinking now is the new material on the market price of the packing tape with the sale of all belong to the original shape of the relatively high, many people have approached the misunderstanding of environmental protection packaged with light green packaging Belt is accepted to be sold according to a roll, according to the market environment of the old example, the price of purebred straps is 1.3-2 times the price of the sandwich (recycled strapping), but the same is a ton (The actual length of the strapping) is 2.5-3 for the sandwich and the strapping (Taiyuan Packaging Company has exceeded the limit of the market has reached 4.5-5 times the annual income The difference is 1.2765 million). That is to say, the price of pure plastic packing tape is actually much lower than that of other packing tapes.
  According to the old case, Taiwan is the source of packaging light green packaging volume equivalent to the volume of the market ordinary packing tape 5 volume. The high price of this 5 volumes has been much higher than the market price of light green packing with many selling prices. Finally, the performance of pure plastic strapping tape with other strapping, pure strapping specifications of the strapping tension is 2 times the other materials with strapping, and Taiwan source of light green strap can reach roughly the same pull 3 times the market product, and then from the packing tape with the surface of the recycled material packed with the results of customer groups, the degree of light, transparency, the beauty of color, are not at one point.