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Peel test for pipeline anti corrosion tape

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2021/05/08 13:53
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Peel strengthPeel adhesion strength,Bond test, Peel test )

In our standard SY/T0414-07, the peel strength measurements were carried out using the following methods:

When testing,using a knife to cut open along the ring 10 mm in width, length greater than 100 mm layer of tape until the tube. With a spring balance and a 90 degree angle from the wall opened, opened speed is not greater than 300mm/min, the tests should be
carried out after 24 hours.

As shown below: We can also according to the U.S. ASTM1000 standards, 3kg copper weights hanging method test method to check for: the vertical sides
of the pipe coating cut open a wide 5cm, 10cm long tape layer 180 degrees overhanging 3kg weight at 10 min decreased from 
less than 10cm is qualified,and such tape is in general fall within 10 minutes are less than the distance 3cm, the above test time and should be at room temperature (5-20 ℃),

humidity is less than 75% after 24 hours when finished.