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Packaging with packaging breakage should be how to deal with?

Industry News
2017/11/27 14:23
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  As a more common packaging material, the use of the packing tape is particularly prone to breakage in the packaging, and the packing tape manufacturer sums up what you should do to deal with the phenomenon.
  Strapping with fragile There are two cases, first, when packaged from the middle of the fracture, the second is easy to disperse the connector. When packing, if the packing tape is broken, it may be that the baler's pulling force is too strong. You can adjust the pull knob. If the other strapping are used properly, it may be the quality of the strapping, can not afford too much tensile strength, you can consider changing the strapping. If it is disconnected from the connector, it is possible that the use of temperature is not suitable, caused by improper operation.