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How to distinguish the quality of strapping?

Industry News
2017/11/27 14:29
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  Strapping with the industry has experienced 30 years of development, the quality of the strap on the market is difficult to distinguish from tens to hundreds of dollars have, in which there is a long period of time, people only pay attention to the price of tons, as long as cheap Prices, while ignoring the actual length of each ton of strapping, which affects the part of the manufacturer of strapping, there was a sandwich straps, tons of packaging strapping, strapping and other recycled materials, and some cheap and thick tape.
  So how to distinguish the quality of these packing tape? The following high packaging technology will teach you how to distinguish the quality of strapping.
  View color: generally good packing tapes are made of pure polyester pellets, and pure polyester pellets are transparent, so the packaged tapes should also be transparent and shiny, if it is opaque, then It should be very good finish. But if the tape is recycled, the color will be much worse, will appear dark gray, it is because the recycled material tape mixed with lime and calcium oxide and other substances, such a band is relatively cheap, but the resistance Tensile strength is low.
  Trial feel: Pure material packaged with a very strong feel, but both sides are relatively smooth, no glitches, such packing belt in the baler belt walk will be very smooth, not easy to send the delivery is not in place and so on.
  Ask length: Polyester pure material because it is not mixed with any other material, so the flexibility is particularly good, each roll of tape can be stretched a long, so this tape can be generally 3000 m / roll, and the tape of the recycled material itself Ductility is not good, so it can not be too long.
  Scale weight: And the third reason is the same, because the pure material of the tape in the production process can pull a very long, so weight can be very light, and renewable materials, the material of the tape determines its grams Heavy will be heavy.