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Discount for PE bitumen tape before June.30

Industry News
2020/04/10 11:21
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Dear Sir and Madam,
It is affected by the epidemic situation. Most projects have been
delayed until May and June,  However, the epidemic situation is only temporary,It will definitely pass.
In order to help more customers to overcome the diffculties, the company decided to
give up to 1% Min and 3% Max discount for orders before June 30, the specific discount
amount can be negotiated according to the order quantity and delivery time. Discount product as follows,
3ply inner tape&outer tape
2ply PE black tape
Viscoelastic adhesive tape
PE bitumen tape
Heat shrink sleeves
PE rubber tape
Butyl flashing waterproof tape
Then we would like to share our suggestion and methord to you in fighting the epidemic,
Maintain hand hygiene at all times. Wash hands with hand sanitizer or soap running water
after returning from public places, after coughing, and after using the toilet. Avoid touching
the mouth, nose and eyes with your hands when you are not sure if your hands are clean.
Minimize unnecessary trips, avoid going when there are too many people, and buy food
It's necessary to wear masks. If possible, we should prepare more. Our initial self isolation
time is 14 days, and then 37 days. So it's very important to reduce the contact with people,
because the virus will spread through saliva.If you are not in a densely populated area,
you do not need N95 masks, just medical masks.
we will supply face mask free for customer.