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Strap - Essential packaging material

Industry News
2017/11/27 14:27
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  When packaging any item, whatever the type of material or container used for packaging, there is a final problem with the package being sealed or tied. The material used to seal the packaging container is called the package sealing material, and the various materials of the bundling product and the package are called the packing material.
  Internal packaging, packaging, large packaging, small package its sealing and binding purposes are not exactly the same, but their role is nothing more than the following: 1: to prevent the prolapse of content, leakage, dissipation; 2: to prevent oxidation of products , Corrosion, etc., to extend the product life and improve product value 3: to prevent the built-in goods from being stolen, theft or theft; 4: to strengthen the strength of the container, and sometimes beautify the role of goods; 5: easy storage and handling.
  Tying materials in the package include plastic strapping (commonly known as strapping) and plastic rope, mainly for corrugated boxes and other bulk food, vegetable strapping. Its role is to bundle together packaged goods, compression volume, increase packaging strength, ease of handling, but also sealed, anti-theft, to prevent the loss or collapse of the role of the package.
  Packaging plastic strap to polyethylene, polypropylene resin as the main raw material, but also to nylon and polyester as raw material, the extrusion unidirectional system. Plastic banding elastic recovery is good, high strength, water resistance, chemical resistance, light soft, can be received power bundle and machine bundled. Easy to use, low cost, can be made of red, white, blue, yellow, green, and other colors, according to the color bundle different grades of goods, easy to distinguish the level of goods, improve delivery efficiency. In addition to sealing and binding for corrugated boxes, it can also be tying material, fruits and so on. Tensile strength of polyester and nylon strap, and polyethylene and polypropylene strap low cost, good resilience of polypropylene, according to the need to use different materials of the strapping.
  Plastic strapping method according to the use of sub-sub-machine belts (J-type) and handmade with (S-type) two types of strap models named according to material, width and thickness of the nominal size and type of distinction: Strapping tape is widely used in Food, pharmaceutical, household appliances, cosmetic, light industry, electronics and many other industries.