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3 Ply Co-Extruded Plastic Tape for Field Joint and Rehabilitation of Steel Pipeline

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2019/10/22 15:47
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This standard specification cancels and replaces IGS-M-TP-014-2-C(1):2007 , part 2 , which has
been technically revised and updated .
It intended to be mainly used by all divisions of NIGC and EPC contractors , and has been prepared
on interpretation of recognized standards , technical documents , knowledge , backgrounds and
experiences in gas industries at national and international levels .
Iranian Gas Standards (IGS) are prepared , reviewed , and amended by technical standard
committees within NIGC standardization division of research and technology management and
submitted to Standard Council of NIGC for approval .
Iranian Gas Standard (IGS) are subjected to revision , amendment or withdrawal , if required, thus
the latest edition of IGS shall be checked/inquired by NIGC users and EPC contractors .
Any comments from concerned parties or individuals on IGS standards are welcomed . 
1.1. This standard specification specifies the NIGC requirements concerning properties , and
relevant test methods for 3Ply co-extruded (see clause 3) cold applied plastic tape as external anti
corrosion protection of field weld joint , fitting , and rehabilitation of steel pipeline main coating , by
hand or hand applied machine application .
This standard specification cover the use of 3Ply co – extruded cold applied plastic tape
(mechanical resistance class C) when the service temperature is within -10 to +50 °C .
The coating performance , test methods , and inspection shall be all in accordance with Table 1 .
1.2. Manufacturer/supplier shall provide all application instruction , safety data sheet , and
guidelines require in practice on application .
Throughout this standard specification , the following standards and codes are referred to , the
edition of them , that are in effect at the time of issues of this standard specification (2007) shall , to
the extent specified herein , form part of this standard specification .
The applicability of changes in standards and codes that occur after the date of standards that
referred , shall be mutually agreed upon by the purchaser and manufacturer or supplier . 
3.1 3Ply
Refer to the structure of one co-extruded tape system .
3.2 Co – extrusion
Two or more materials are extruded simultaneously from a single die , so they fuse together to form
a single structure . Laminated tape system is not accepted .
3.3 Self amalgamating (self fusing) :
3.3.1 Tape to tape
Two layer of 3Ply tape system in overlap area fuse to itself at room temperature with only slight
pressure and over the time according to related method . This fusing action works only if the
overlap layers are of same chemical nature (butyl rubber – butyl rubber) .
3.3.2 Within three individual ply
Only achievable by co – extruded method of production .
The coating system consist of a primer and a 3Ply plastic tape with following general description :
4.1 Primer
It shall be fast drying , butyl rubber base and special formulated to be used with 3Ply tape system .
The primer properties shall meet the requirements of Table 2 .
4.2 3Ply Tape System
It shoud consist of a polyethylene carrier film , coated on both sides with a plastic butyl rubber
based compound in one co – extrusion process .
4.3 The Tape Application System
The tape shall be applied with 50% overlap on primed surface . It amalgamates at the overlap at
ambient temperature to form a sleeve type coating .
4.4 The Tape and the Coating System
The properties shall meet the requirements of Table 1 . 
7.1 3Ply Plastic Tape
The tape shall be delivered in roll form . A removable Interleaf shall be incorporated against
adhesive compound to prevent sticking of layers . Each roll shall be individually put in plastic bag .
Rolls shall be suitably palletized and packed with plastic cover .
7.2 Primer
The primer shall be delivered in maximum 20 liters new steel drums .
The manufacturer/supplier shall provide sufficient information to identify the coating systems and
shall supply as the minimum requirement , the technical information of the coating components as
follows :
a- ISO 9001: 2000 " CERTIFICATION" for "Design & Manufacturing" of offered tape coating system
(tape and primer) for "pipeline corrosion protection" issued by an internationally recognized body .
b- Certificate and approval test report from an internationally well known certifying body (i.e. DVGW
(Germany) and ADVANTICA (UK) for the offered coating system for maximum continuous operating
temperature up to 50
C and the compatibility with this standard specification .
Note : Other certificates from recognized certifying body shall be approved by standard council of NIGC .
c- Original technical catalogues , manufacturing product data sheet and application procedure
recommendation and guidelines .
d- Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for primer .
Manufacturer shall operate an effective , documented quality system based on the relevant part of
the BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and maintain records identifying the product , date of manufacturing ,
batch numbers and all results of inspection and testing .
The manufacturer set up and maintain such quality and inspection system as to ensure the material
supplied , comply with all aspect of the requirements of this standard specification .
The manufacturer shall furnish the purchaser or its nominated inspector an overall compliance
certificate accompanied with all in-production quality control test results for review . These
documents and test results shall be traceable with regard to the batch number of each item .